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Ecohouse is a go green packaging company to provide environmental friendly packaging solution to consumers to keep, store and organise their food and stuff.

The product solution including food packaging, organiser, multidrawers organiser, garbage bags and degradable plastic bags.

We are working closely with bioplastic industry towards providing 100% biodegradable new plant-based plastic to our users, which could live in their way with plastic conveniences but without plastic pollution.

Let’s make the world green again!

About Us

ecohouse was founded in 2013, we are specialised manufacturer food packaging and garbage bag in Malaysia.

Over the years, ecohouse had officially launched more than 80 innovative packaging products.

We strongly against polystyrene.

Our credible business partners are established in the plastic household goods industry for more than 40 years, we work hand in hand to produce high quality and good products to our users.

What drives our company?

ecohouse is driven by having a distinctive way of providing value to customers while continuously directed in the same direction of saving the Earth from pollution of plastics


To be a global innovative leading company in changing people life and stay sustainability for 176 years.


Making life better and smarter
Be focus and Niche
Less is more
Embrace life with love, tidy, eco-ly, healthy, convenience, and simplicity lifestyle.

Our Products

Food Packaging Reusable and microwavable PP Food Container

ecohouse aims at providing solutions to everyone’s needs by supplying innovative plastic storages and space-saving compartments that is up to date with the technology, so that every each of us can eat safely with ecohouse’s recycable food container and use biodegradable garbage bags while giving a helping hand to save the world from pollution and make the world green again!

Garbage Bag

“Plastic waste is acknowledged as one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues”, to regulate concerns over impact of plastic usage over the health of Earth and oceans, ecohouse have produced bio-degradable plastic garbage bags made out of plants and fibres that decomposes naturally in the environment and even give back valuable resources to the Earth. Thus, ecohouse is marching to the new waste-free era with the world.

Storage System

Producing high quality storage compartment that exert an enormous function on storage saving while offering affordable price has been the aim of ecohouse in order for people to use them at ease and live in a comfortable space without any mess.

Our Partners

A true partnership is a two-way street

Feel free to shop at our partners’ outlet featuring our products!

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