About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission statement provides us a clear and effective guide for making decisions, while the vision statement ensures that all the decision made are properly aligned with what we hope to achieve.


To be World No.1 packaging company, sustainable for 176 years.


Making life better without plastic pollution. To inspire communities to protect & preserve our beloved mother Earth through creating zero-waste future.

Our Core Value

We believe that core values build fundamental beliefs of a person or organization in ecohouse.


We aim to achieve excellence in all things with exceptional results.


Loyalty is the quality of staying firm in your companionship to support for the team and the company.


We love to experiment and find new ways to do things with innovative expressions rather than relying on an existing linguistic formula.


We have drawn to building relationships; from our employees to true partnerships with our end customers.

Our Team Culture

We believe a good culture is one in which team members collaborate, share knowledge, communicate and most importantly support one another.

Efficiency, Performance Based & Result Oriented

We aim to avoid wasting and maximize usage of valuable resources, materials, energy, efforts, money, and time to produce a desired result.

Never Let Your Team Down

Scaling without limits, powering past stages of development, and creating successful companies are all grounded in team building.

Spontaneous, Honest, Loyal & Responsible

People can get closer by creating a safe connection. Such a relationship can invite and empower each party to work through obstacles and hard times.

Be a Valuable Asset to the Team, Customer, Family & the World

Use your time to build value, learn new skills, meet new people and be part of the big family.

Stay Out of Comfort Zone

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been.

Communicate Sincerely at all Times, Support & Love Everyone

A safe place is created when employees are trusted to bring their opinions to the forefront and work together through different opinions for the best result.

Continuous Growth, Learning & Improvement

The key to success is really progress and growth and constantly working and developing yourself to reach the goal.

Know Who We Are

Our Story

Ecohouse food container items are inspired by memories of my childhood. My father was a prosperous businessman before the family’s company sadly went downhill.

To make a living to earn, he then had to work as a bread delivery man at a bread factory about an hour from home. Dad will get two free breads from work every day at the factory and he usually keep one for us.

Mum prepares our school lunch along with the bread that will be packed in a food container. Normally our lunch will be rice with some vegetables, an egg and some soy sauce for extra flavour. Regularly, mum will make us fried rice to cheer us up.

Ecohouse is able to manufacture higher quality goods from these precious memories, our products come from various sizes and different uses. To ensure the safety of the food container, we introduce the latest technology on our items. With this, it can store food up to -18 degrees Celsius and it is also suitable for microwaves.

We care about the quality of our product because we know the food container is not just a food container but it is lovingly filled.

Ecohouse, food container, the one you can reuse.