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Food Container

Reusable and microwavable Food Packaging

After the years of specialising in manufacturing plastic containers, we understand that plastic usage have impact towards human health, thus, ecohouse is producing Popypropylene (PP) made plastic containers which is considered the safest of all plastics. This type of plastic is heat resistent because of its high heat tolerance and unlikely to leach when exposed to warm or hot water. Therefore, it is safe to be reused as food and beverage storage.
fork ans spoon


ecohouse even offer disposable utensils out of concern of people that are always on-the-go, so that people can have their meal wherever they are. They are not only portable but also tough and does not break easily, ensuring people does not consume plastic bits. With that, it is assured that you can enjoy your meals with a peace of mind with ecohouse™ utensils.
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Biodegradable Garbage Bag

“Plastic waste is acknowledged as one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues”, to regulate concerns over impact of plastic usage over the health of Earth and oceans, ecohouse have produced bio-degradable plastic garbage bags made out of plants and fibres that decomposes naturally in the environment and even give back valuable resources to the Earth. Thus, ecohouse is marching to the new waste-free era with the world.
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Garbage Bag

ecohouse also offers durable garbage bags that are thick and does not tear easily, making it suitable for kitchen, office , restaurant and even commercial usage such as factories. Therefore, variant sizes of garbage bag are available to fulfill everyone's needs in daily life.

Tools Box

Portable toolboxes by ecohouse ensures you to be ready to deal with different challenges when working in a project. Storing your tools and items would be easier with adjustable inner compartments to fit your needs while doing your job with professionalism.

Multipurposes Drawers

Producing high quality storage compartment that exert an enormous function on storage saving while offering affordable price has been the aim of ecohouse in order for people to use them at ease and live in a comfortable space without any mess.