30 Drawers Multi-uses Cabinet


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30 Drawers Multi-uses Cabinet
Suitable for:
✅Storing Lego, nails, bolts and nuts, small items, spare parts, and etc
✅Suitable for shops, workshops, pharmacies, factories and etc
✅Ideal for organizing fasteners, small parts, tools, hobby supplies and etc

Product Feature:
✅💯% Original Product
✅Can be fixed on to walls (wall mountable)
✅Light, strong and extra durable
✅Drawer stops prevent accidental spills
✅Comes in Semi-clear see-through plastic for easy visibility of all items
✅Fingertip grip drawer pulls makes access to drawer contents easy
✅Perfect and practical to use as Lego bricks organizer or desk organizer
✅It is stackable

📢We are the only seller that have colour 9 Drawers (Limited Edition) 📢

360(L) x 150(W) x 220(H)
⭕It can stack with 39 Multi-uses Drawers and 17 Multi-uses Drawers

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